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Olympus Hair Studio

Where the Gods meet hair

With a diverse collection of experienced professionals, we offer an unmatched range of services, each crafted to meet our divine standard. From masterful haircuts to transformative color treatments, from precise beard grooming to tailored styling, every service is delivered with passion, precision, and professionalism. At Olympus Hair Studio, we don’t just create hairstyles; we craft masterpieces. Our dedication to our craft and commitment to our clients’ satisfaction ensures an experience worthy of the gods every time you grace our studio.

Be Bold, Be Different, Be You.



Master Stylist / Barber

Our FOUNDER and CREATIVE DIRECTOR. Been in the industry for more than 8 years, Zeus knows to cut all types of hair. Known for his creativity and his professionalism, he is one of the top Montreal’s premium hair-styling providers.

Team Member



Our resident COLORIST & STYLIST, Camille brings a divine touch to the world of hair. With her artistic flair and deep understanding of color theory, she can transform any client into a mythical god or goddess. Always up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, she is committed to giving her clients an exceptional, tailored experience at Olympus Hair Studio.



Senior Barber

As our BARBER & BEARD SPECIALIST, Diego channels the meticulous precision of a sculptor in his work. With many years of experience in traditional barbering, his expertise lies in creating impeccable fades and shaping magnificent beards. Combining old-school techniques with a contemporary twist, Diego delivers a heavenly grooming experience befitting of our divine clientele.



Junior Stylist


Team Member


Master Stylist / Barber

Our dual-threat STYLIST & BARBER, Alejandro, commands the chair with a skill set as broad as it is deep. With many years in the industry, his mastery of both styling and barbering techniques ensures a versatile, custom experience for each client. Whether you’re looking for a new, trendy cut or a classic, well-groomed look, Alejandro’s artistic vision and precise execution will elevate your style to the heavenly heights of Olympus.